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Founded in 2002 by Monzer I. Faramawi, Ph.D., serving Florida, Texas and Virginia, our firm has grown employing the brighetest tallent, latest technology, resources and support staff. We provide Construction Design and Construction Administrative services for Architects, Developers, Owners, and Contractors. Our project experience ranges in scale from single family residential renovations -to- multi-level structures of all types.
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About Structures International

Firm Profile
It is the mission of Structures International, Inc. to deliver practical, sustainable structural solutions. Our goal is to share our knowledge and expertise, and continually improve upon our delivery process. Our core competency is the ability to adapt to the evolution of design, building materials, and the environmental challenges that we face every day.
Bringing exceptional people together to enhance the design and delivery process one project at a time has been the cornerstone to our success. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our working environment and capabilities. We encourage our Team Members to participate in creating an environment conducive to productivity. We promote growth and opportunity, setting the stage for exceptional performance.
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